Buy enough lightweight gauzy or silky fabric (it needn’t be

canada goose uk shop And your father’s old green tie on. canada goose uk shop

canada goose clearance ‘Any Old Iron’, Charles CollinsAt some point, you will more than likely receive an invite to a fancy dress party, and whatever the chosen guise or theme, the onus will be on you to look convincing. It’s no good turning canada goose outlet canada up thinking you’re Joan Collins when everyone else at the party points at you saying ‘Hey! It’s Alice Cooper!’ now is it? canada goose clearance

Well, if you’ve got pots of cash you can always go to a professional costumiers. But that’s buy canada goose jacket cheap the really boring option. The best thing is to try and make the costume yourself and for as little money as possible. Here then, is a veritable virtual wardrobe full of cracking costume ideas brought to you by the sartorially inspired h2g2 Community.

Mr BeanMmmm. what does this say about a certain Researcher’s father?

buy canada goose jacket Anyway, the costume for this Rowan Atkinson character can all be pinched from my dad’s wardrobe. Nativity Costumes Here’s a gentle Nativity reminiscence. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose uk black friday My first ever acting role was in the Nativity play at school where I played an angel. No expense was spared for my costume. The teacher took white pillowcases and cut holes in the top and sides for our heads and arms to go through. This is a costume you can walk to the party in and not feel like a prat. Endless suggestions of ‘Men in Black’ ‘Blues Brothers’ ‘CIA’ will keep people busy for hours. And if you’re accused of being too boring, remain emotionless and claim you’re the bouncer. canada goose uk black friday

cheap Canada Goose Black catsuits for girls are quite adaptable for fancy dress too. You can pretty much be any action movie female! cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Jackets Go as a Country/StateThis Researcher’s in a right state. Canada Goose Jackets

Seriously when I went to Texas in the summer I bought a Stetson (I know) a huge Lone Star Flag and a Lone Star bandanna. Now, my costume is very simple: I wrap the large flag around my waist like a sarong, wear a white t shirt, the bandanna around my neck and my hat on my head. Hey Ho I’m Texas! Chain Gang (Convict) FemaleThis one may require some dressmaking skills.

canada goose black friday sale Get together some black and white striped material, and make a very simple top and skirt out of it. The style doesn’t really matter, although I made a very short skirt, and a peasant/gypsy type top. Get a square of plain white material and a permanent marker pen and write a number on it (I used my h2g2 User number) and sew or safety pin it to the front of the top. canada goose black friday sale

canadian goose jacket Go to a charity shop and buy a wedding dress for about 3. I stuffed some old clothes with crumpled newspaper, and then covered large strips of newspaper with wallpaper paste and laid them over the clothes so that they would take the shape. It took a great many hours to lay enough layers, but 40 layers of newspaper is enough to form a really rigid shell. Once I had established the correct technique and design, it progressed quite smoothly, and I could now make another one in a week or less (excluding drying time, which stretches it out to 5 weeks, since you have to dry the top side before you can start working on the underside. If you try to do the underside while the top side is still wet, it all just slides off). You’ll have to cut up one side of the carapace to allow yourself to squeeze in, but the leg and arm sections shouldn’t pose a problem. Once the sections have dried, they’re then cut through canada goose outlet germany very carefully so that you end up with two halves of each section, which can then be re attached with webbing and buckles to make it possible to get them on and off. something opaque, preferably satiny, black or coloured, not so tiny that you risk bouncing out or are uncomfortable being seen in it. Decorate the bra with rhinestones, glitter, fringe, braiding, etc. Be creative. It’s good to use a hot glue gun; it’s quick and it’ll hold well enough for an evening, though it doesn’t launder well. One thing to note, though: when pressing decorations into the hot glue, use cardboard! Hot glue blisters on your fingertips are not sexy. canadian goose jacket

Buy enough 1/4″ 1/2″ flat elastic to fit around your hips. Sew canada goose lorette uk or safety pin together, so it’s tight enough to stay canada goose outlet phone number up without sliding, even if you do accidentally step on a hem. Buy enough lightweight gauzy or silky fabric (it needn’t be very wide) to make it from your hips to ankles 4 times. Add an extra foot if you need to make a veil. Cut the fabric in half. Decorate 1/2 of each piece of fabric so it works with the bra, and fold canada goose outlet website review over hip elastic with decorated side out, one panel to the front and one to the rear. If you’re likely to get tiddly, it’s not a bad idea to stitch the elastic in place, so you don’t inadvertently lose your skirt if you (or someone else) steps on your hem.

Cheap rubber flip flops (beach sandals) can be decorated same as the bra and skirt. Make a veil from a scarf or an extra 8 12 inches of fabric to cover canada goose langford uk the bottom half of your face. Use loads of black kohl eyeliner to paint on cat eyes. Let your hair go wild. Wear lots of bangle bracelets, rings, a jingly ankle bracelet, or toe ring. Remember that you’re an exotic, treasured, object of desire, so play the part.

StatueMake a toga canada goose uk size chart from an old white sheet. Wear flat sandals. Use white body makeup and/or the kind of spray paint that is made for hair and paint everything that shows, including the toga. Let yourself dry thoroughly before sitting. Don’t get wet or you’ll start to streak. (Be very careful about sitting on fabric or other materials which don’t wipe off easily. Depending on the paint you use, it can be a bit of a messy costume.) And don’t move. Or speak.

Canada Goose Outlet Recycle!Collect the netting that fruit is sold in, crochet, staple or tie together, fasten to the sleeves and outside leg of (preferably goo coloured) clothing and decorate with signs giving URLs. Hey presto you’re on the Net. Canada Goose Outlet

If one of the party goers is known to have a problem with wind, take a large cardboard box, cover the outside with labels from baked bean tins, leaving room for some comments gathered from a certain ‘adult’ comic published in the North East of England, ‘parp!’, ‘thruuuup!’ etc, and go as that person’s weekly shopping.

Take a large amount of bright green carrier bags and fasten together to canada goose expedition black friday make a tube large enough to fit from neck to ankle, fasten green balloons down the front, make two and two peas in a pod.

Take a large tube, the type that posters are sent through the mail in, bend it in the middle and fasten to grey coloured cardboard to make an elephant mask, add floppy ears (made from old grey tights, stuffed with newspaper or more old tights), wear grey tights on legs and arms, tutu and tiara, Fairy Elephant!

Why Not Dress up as Your Very Own MatesThis one’s an excellent idea.

I must confess to being rather wary of fancy dress parties; too much prat fall potential for my liking. However, a group of my college friends had a knack for throwing particularly good themed parties, of which dressing up was an inevitable part. Their best effort was towards the very end of our five year course a ‘Come as someone else from the year’ party. As we were a reasonably small group, and had spent quite a while getting to know each other well, the opportunity to dress up as each other was a stroke of genius. Well known characters from the year had their behaviours, body image and fashion sense blown up to caricature proportions, sometimes with permission, often (and most amusingly) without. It was all quite cheap to do, as clothes could be borrowed or adapted to suit as could make up and hair. canada goose outlet belgium It worked as we knew each other so well, and got a kick out of poking some gentle fun at ourselves. canada goose outlet Alan WhickersThis used to be an easy one suit, glasses, clipboard and stuck on moustache. Particularly effective if you can persuade five or six mates to all do a Whicker and repeat the Monty Python sketch about there being too many Whickers and not enough people left to interview.

canada goose coats Have also gone as a surgeon before (kids stethoscope and white lab coat liberally dotted with tomato ketchup) but requires the addition of a bucket and offal from the local butcher to reach full effectiveness canada goose coats.



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