The skyscraper at 30 Rockefeller Center may not be as iconic as

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canada goose factory sale The painted topless women in Times canada goose outlet canada Square canada goose langford uk are different in many major respects. First, they are alive. Second, they are sloppily painted. Third, they pull in tourists and pose for tips.In the words of John Mellencamp, “Ain’t that America?”The topless women in Times Square hustle the August tourist throngs with the Naked Cowboy, Statues of Liberty on stilts, Batmen and Spidermen, Super Marios and Minions. The canada goose junior uk only thing covering the women’s upper bodies is a very thin, coat of red, white and blue body paint, in some star spangled array.They’re called denudes, Spanish for canada goose outlet houston naked. In English, they fit the Merriam Webster definition of vulgar. Lacking in cultivation. Morally crude. Excessive in display. Not to mention disrespect for the flag. They fit in perfectly with Times Square, that towering LED light cathedral of American celebrity worship and commercial extravagance. Itisexciting. Once. Maybe twice. By the third time, if you’re a local, you’ve seen enough. Leave it to the people from Des Moines or Decatur. Or the rest of the world not from New York, or suburban New Jersey.Last summer I went twice to Italy. The first trip was to Southern Italy, where I visited my father’s ancestral mountain village of San Bartolomeo in Galdo and the city of my mother’s side, Potenza, the capital of the Basilicata region. My maternal grandfather was the only of his eight siblings to come to America, so the Potenza family is large and very close. Most live in neighboring houses. And in the Italian custom, those homes are multi generational. Their hospitality and generosity were overwhelming. Mangia. Mangia.The second trip was to Florence, Sienna, Tuscany and the Isle of Elba. Only in Pisa did I see the rank commercialism that reminded me of an American tourist attraction but, still, the crowds in the massive and ornate Pisa Cathedral were quiet and reverent.A replica of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Eve” was part of a Sistine Chapel exhibit last year in Paramus. (Andre Malok NJ Advance Media)In the spring, three younger second cousins told me they were ebay uk canada goose making their first visit to America. New York was the first stop, then on to California. I was excited for their arrival, and I have to admit I looked forward to visiting the places we locals often take for granted. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, One World Trade Center, the 9/11 Museum, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center and all the other places that look like Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Except, when the world goes on vacation in August and comes to New York, it is usually real hot and real humid. So, while the smell of alcohol permeates the air on Dec. 31, in August the human stench is more like a high school boy’s locker during summer football two a days.All of the above places are monumental in their history. Times Square is, too, but that has been obliterated by the glitz. As hard as I tried to steer them clear of it, in their limited English, they kept asking. And so there we were, on one of those brutal August days last week, among the masses of tourists, cartoon characters and topless women.I’m not a self hating American. Far from it. But there were parts of taking visitors to New York that left me reminiscent of a cousin, Claudio, as he took me around Potenza. We were communicating in limited language. When I asked him to stop in a hillside ghetto of shacks built after the 1980terremoto dell’Irpinia, which killed 3,000 people and leveled 75,000 structures in and around Potenza. Having covered Hurricane Sandy, I was drawn to Italy’s quick rebuilding of durable shelter, now used for the poor.”No good, Potenza. Bad history,” he would say, then turn to the multitude of beautiful new apartment buildings that spanned a faraway hill. “Good Potenza. Good history.” He was very proud of his town and the Basilicata region and only wanted me to see the best of it.This is how I communicated with my visitors, with admission that there is, indeed, a “good American” and a “bad America.” So please canada goose outlet germany join me on a personal guide of the good and bad of New York and New Jersey tourist attractions.The Ellis Island museum, which is actually in New Jersey, is well organized and less crowded than the Statue of Liberty. The history of immigration give important perspective to the issue today. (Steve Hockstein For NJ Advance Media)Best America: Ellis IslandNot only am I proud American, but proud Jerseyan, so naturally Ellis Island would top canada goose black friday 2019 my list. Ninety percent of the island is actually New Jersey territory. That includes the museum, which documents the experience of 12 million immigrants from mostly Southern and Eastern Europe, who were processed there from 1892 to 1954. History is perspective, and the exhibits on the “Isle of Hope canada goose black friday toronto and Tears” show that immigration to this country has always been a hardship, even humiliating. My own father born in America was one of the sick children quarantined at Ellis Island and separated from his parents upon re entry.A view of the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee. The giant flag celebrated the 80th birthday of the bridge in 2011. (Star Ledger file photo)Good America: NJ view of GW BridgeAlso on the Jersey side from Fort Lee State Park is a detailed look at the architectural nuts and bolts of the canada goose kensington uk imposing George Washington Bridge. One downside: The state should trim back some trees to increase the panoramic view of the city.The skyscraper at 30 Rockefeller Center may not be as iconic as other city landmarks canada goose emory parka uk but it has the least crowded observation decks. (Star Ledger file photo)Good America: Top of the RockI never get tired of the Art Deco grandeur. The Top of the Rock view isn’t as high as the Empire State or One World Trade Center but equally spectacular. And it has one thing the Empire State Building view doesn’t have: The Empire State Building, just 13 blocks away. The people directing the human traffic were dressed in ’30s style maroon uniforms and acted with the manners from the era. It was one of the few places I didn’t feel herded like sheep. There are multiple levels of observation deck, so it never feels crowded.Pope Francis visits the 9/11 Museum on Friday, Sept.25, 2015. The museum is appropriately solemn and reverent in commemorating the loss of life and destruction of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks canada canada goose outlet goose factory sale.



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