There is no way for a user to know exactly what chemical

may be cause of eight overdose deaths

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By Sarah M.

“I’ve never seen a rash of exposure like this in anything I’ve done,” said Dr. Kenneth Katz, medical toxicologist and emergency physician with the canada goose Lehigh Valley Health Network. “This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s absolutely off the charts.”

The Lehigh County Coroner’s Office was unable to confirm the eight suspected overdose deaths Wednesday. But health and law enforcement officials say the scope of the problem is worrisome and still being measured. Dauphin, Lancaster, Luzerne and Northampton counties have canada goose outlet reviews experienced similar issues, according to the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office.

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Sacred Heart Hospital in Allentowntreated 25 patients since Saturday, according to Lehigh Valley Health Networkspokesman Matthew Burns. Katz said while on call since Saturday he’s treated about 10 people for exposure at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township and at the Muhlenberg hospital in Bethlehem. Over the last three days, St. Luke’s University Health Networkhas treated 10 patients, according to officials there.

Since April 17, the Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said Allentown saw 50 incidents with canada goose outlet parka people exhibiting various levels of intoxication from the drug some requiring medical intervention as serious as uk canada goose inserting a tube in the patient’s canada goose black friday sale throat to help with breathing.

“These substances are extremely dangerous,” Martin said in a statement. “The green, leafy matter in these packets may appear to be innocuous. However, it has been sprayed with chemical compounds that are hazardous. People think this is a safe substance and underestimate how dangerous it is. There is no way for a user to know exactly what chemical compound has been sprayed on the synthetic marijuana.”

Drug ‘evolving in front of canada goose outlet our eyes’

Katz said those mysterious chemicals, regulated by no one, are what make the cases so alarming.

“We’re trying to figure out is this one of those (flavors of synthetic marijuana) we’ve seen or is it an adulterant we don’t know?” Katz said. “You can’t keep canada goose store up with it. It keeps evolving in front of our eyes.”

Martin said the drugs tested in the Lehigh Valley have turned up different chemicals, canada goose outlet nyc muddying efforts to nail down what is causing the rash of those Canada Goose online falling ill. The drug is sold in convenience stores and on the street usually for as little as $20, according to the district attorney.

It is made in labs across the globe and laced with chemicals that can have all kinds of reactions in the body, said Katz. He noted that this isn’t an overdose problem it’s canada goose outlet toronto factory a basic exposure problem.

“It’s not overdose, it’s use. This is just canada goose factory outlet exposure,” Katz said. “You can die from exposure.”

Patients can suffer from delirium, renal failure, seizures and muscle breakdown, Katz said, naming just a few of the complications Canada Goose Coats On Sale he’s seen.

Dr. Bryan McClintock, an emergency room doctor with St. Luke’s Allentown campus, said many patients arrive unconscious and unresponsive. Some required serious intensive care, including the need to be placed on life support, he said.

“It really escalated over this past weekend,” McClintock said. “Over the weekend, Canada Goose Outlet the patients that were requiring intensive care treatment including ventilator support used our maximum resources. We managed and we could have handled more, but it was definitely a dangerous situation.”

Martin said the hospitals treated people ranging from 13 to 60 canada goose outlet store uk years old and Katz said most of the patients he saw were juvenile teens.

McClintock said many of the patients at the St. Luke’s facility were combative canada goose outlet and aggressive. Martin noted that some of the combative patients didn’t appear to feel pain, complicating the jobs of paramedics and first responders.

Police chief: this is a public health issue

‘s dangers come largely from the unknown, doctors say. Katz said tests to confirm what’s in the drug rely on known chemicals and so when unknown elements show up, new testing is required.

McClintock said the mystery makes treatment a challenge.

“You’re using your medical knowledge to counteract things that appear most likely. But when you’re blind like that you have to just try and do your best to take care of this person,” McClintock said. official canada goose outlet “You have to wait for something to change before you can start attacking it in another way.”.



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