When one child was able to wriggle free

California parents tortured their children

RIVERSIDE, Calif. David Turpin was also charged with performing a lewd act on a canada goose uk shop child under age 14.

The litany of physical and emotional abuse was enough to invoke a house of horrors that apparently went unnoticed for years in California and Texas until Sunday, when a 17 year old girl managed to escape and canada goose outlet parka call 911.

The girl and her canada goose siblings had plotted the escape for two years, Hestrin canada goose outlet in usa said. Another girl who escaped out a window with the teen turned back out of fear.

Hestrin did not say what finally triggered the girl to act.

When deputies arrived at the four bedroom, three bathroom house on a dead end street in Perris, about 60 miles southeast of Los Angeles, they were shocked by what they found.

Malnutrition was so severe that it was consistent with muscle wasting and had led to cognitive impairment and Canada Goose online nerve damage, Hestrin said. The oldest child, a 29 year old woman, weighed 82 pounds. A 12 goose outlet canada year old was the weight of a typical 7 year old.

Some of the 13 canada goose outlet store uk children had canada goose outlet black friday been isolated so long they did not know what a police officer was.

The victims range in age from 2 to 29. The torture and false imprisonment charges do not include the 2 year old, who was not malnourished.

The parents were jailed on $12 million bail each after pleading not guilty Thursday at their first court appearance. If convicted of all charges, they could be sentenced to life in prison.

David Turpin father, James, the grandfather to the children, said from his home in Princeton, West Virginia, that he did not believe the reports about the abuse.

going to talk with the children, find out the real story on this as soon as I can get a call through to them, James Turpin told the Associated Press.

The charges date to 2010, when the couple moved to Riverside County from outside Fort Worth, Texas.

This image made from a video shows David Allen Turpin and Louise Anna Turpin celebrating a renewal of their wedding vows with Elvis impersonator Kent Ripley in Las Vegas in October 2011. The couple faces charges official canada goose outlet of imprisoning, abusing and torturing their 13 children in California.

The abuse began in Texas with the children being tied to beds with ropes and then hog tied, Hestrin said. When one child was able to wriggle free, the couple began restraining them with chains and padlocks for up weeks or months at a time, Hestrin said.

At one point while the couple lived in Texas, the parents lived in a separate house from canada goose factory sale most of cheap Canada Goose the children and dropped off food to the others from time to time, Hestrin said.

When not restrained, the children were locked in different rooms and fed little on a schedule.

Punishments included being beaten and choked, Hestrin said.

On Sunday, three children had been shackled to beds, though the parents freed two of them ages 11 and 14 when officers knocked on the canada goose coats door, Hestrin said. Deputies found a 22 year old chained to a bed.

Evidence of human waste on the floor indicated the children were prevented from using the toilet. Sheriff deputies said the stench in the house was overwhelming.

The children never received dental care, and they had not seen a canada uk cheap canada goose canada goose outlet goose black friday sale doctor in more than four years. When the girl who escaped was canada goose outlet shop asked if any pills were in the home, she did not understand what medication was.

The children, who were schooled at home, were rarely seen outside the house, though the parents posted photos of them smiling together at Disneyland and in canada goose outlet uk Las Vegas, where the couple renewed their canada goose jacket outlet wedding vows.

In addition to raising them largely in isolation, the parents may have been able to hide the abuse by functioning while other families slept. The children were reared on the graveyard shift, with the family staying up all night and going to bed shortly before dawn, Hestrin said.

While the children were deprived of food, the parents ate well and even taunted the children by putting apple and pumpkin pies on the kitchen counter, but not https://www.doloresnet.com letting them cheap canada goose have any, Hestrin said.

Similarly, the children were not allowed to play with toys, though many were found throughout the house in their original packaging.

is depraved conduct, Hestrin said. breaks our hearts. of the only things the children were allowed canada goose Canada Goose sale outlet online uk to do was to write in their journals.

Investigators were combing through hundreds of journals found in the home, Hestrin said. They are expected to provide powerful evidence against the parents.



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