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the Teenage Witch 1996 TV series

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the Teenage Witch, was a television series based on characters from the comic book the Teenage Witch (created by Archie Comics), first aired on ABC Canada Goose Parka on September 27, 1996. It ran for seven seasons, ending in April 2003.

Shortly before her sixteenth birthday, Sabrina buy canada goose jacket is sent to live her aunts, canada goose outlet shop Hilda and Zelda, who tell her that she is canada goose outlet parka a witch with magical powers that she must learn to control. Far from making her life easier, canada goose factory outlet her magic usually only gets her in trouble, especially when she was influenced in casting the spell by the Spellmans’ talking cat, Salem canada goose black friday sale Saberhagen, a former warlock who still dreams of world domination.

Zelda: Good morning. Happy canada goose outlet uk birthday, Sabrina.

Hilda: And many more to come.

Zelda: Many, many more to come. I, ah, got you a little something. [picks up a wrapped box and brings it over to the table]

Hilda: Actually, that’s from both of us; I just forgot to sign canada goose uk black friday the card.

Zelda: canada goose outlet new york city [hands the birthday present to Sabrina] I hope you don’t already have one.

[Sabrina opens up the box excitedly and pulls out.]

Sabrina: [put out] A black pot? Actually, I don’t. Thanks.

Zelda: It’s a cauldron.

Sabrina: Wow, even Canada Goose sale better. I can, um, put my pens in it.

Zelda: That’s cheap canada goose not what it’s for. we have something to tell you. You see there are two realms, the natural and the supernatural and it turns out the immutable laws of physics

Hilda: [interrupting] You’re a witch.

Sabrina: [surprised] What do you mean, I’m a canada uk canada goose outlet goose outlet jackets witch?

Hilda: You’re a witch.

Zelda: Now you’re not alone. I’m a witch, Hilda’s a witch, your father’s a witch.

Sabrina: [skeptical] And I suppose my mom’s a witch too?

Hilda: I always thought so.

Zelda: Actually, your mom’s mortal. You see, that’s why canada goose outlet sale you’re here; so that we can teach you to canada goose clearance sale use your magic.

Mr. canada goose outlet black friday Pool: I’m canada goose outlet reviews Mr. Pool. [coughs] And I know you cheap canada goose were hoping I was going to spend the day mispronouncing your names, but instead lets jump straight into biology, huh?

[Zelda places a large, old, leather bound book in front of Sabrina]

Zelda: Here is a present from your father.

Sabrina: An canada goose outlet online old book, a black pot Doesn’t anyone shop at The Gap canada goose factory sale anymore? [reading the cover] “The Discovery of Magic”. Why’d he give me this? [opens the book to a page depicting a picture of a bearded man in a top hat, labeled Edward beneath it] That’s why! This old magician looks just like my dad.



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